Anti-aging device for the body that uses Tripollar technology. The effective painless and non-invasive treatment gives immediate results for a smoother, firmer and more defined skin.

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POSE is the device designed to counteract the effects of time on the skin. It reduces the accumulation of fat and the imperfections of cellulite in a painless, effective way and with lasting effects over time.

POSE uses TRIPOLLAR ™ technology, one of the most effective and used in the aesthetic medicine sector : an ingenious combination of monopolar and bipolar RF energies, which counteracts skin imperfections due to age, fat accumulation and cellulite.

Skin sagging, loss of elasticity and skin tone are some of the consequences of time and there are many ways to combat them.
Surgeries are very satisfying, but they are expensive and painful.
At the same time, many companies on the market offer products for body skin renewal, such as creams, muds, lotions, which often, however, do not meet expectations.

TriPollar ™ POSE is suitable for all skin types and firms and contours the hips, thighs, arms and buttocks.
The results are immediate from the first treatment: reduction in body circumference, reduction in the visibility of cellulite and a smoother and firmer skin after just one session!

By following the prescribed treatment directions - 2 sessions of 20 minutes per week on the desired areas, for about 6-8 weeks - you will get a firmer body and long-term results.

Why choose POSE ™ Body?

  • 86% of clinical study participants said their skin looked younger and / or radiant
  • 86% of clinical study participants noted immediate results and reported skin became firmer and / or taut
  • 86% of clinical study participants noted overall skin improvement
  • 71% said friends and family noticed and complimented her
  • 100% of clinical study participants said they would buy it and / or recommend buying it

How does it work?
The POSE device uses the electronic tip to focus four harmless low intensity rays into the dermis, and the TriPollar energy gently heats the skin from within.
This internal heating stimulates dermal activity, increasing the production and rebuilding of collagen fibers. The sensation is pleasantly warm on the skin, while the therapeutic action begins in the deepest layer of the dermis.
The increase in dermal activity results in a visible relaxation, firming and renewal of the skin.


  • TriPollar ™ POSE device white
  • TriPollar ™ POSE power supply
  • TriPollar ™ POSE Power Adapter
  • TriPollar ™ POSE User Manual + instructional video
  • TriPollar ™ POSE Quick Reference Guide
  • TriPollar ™ POSE Warranty Certificate
  • TriPollar ™ Preparation Gel (120ml bottle)